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Add Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange
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I've found an older (not really compatible with the current libssh git master) patch about
the diffie-hellman group-exchange algorithm implementation in this e-mailing thread:

I decided to rework it a bit, of course it is based mostly on Yanis Kurganov's patch.

I am sure that this needs still some reworking to get in, but I am filing this ticket here as a start.

I've done some real-life testing of the client part on various distributions SSHd servers
(where only these KexAlgorithms were enabled), however I haven't checked the server part that deeply..

OFF: I've tried to send this to the mailing list, but apparently my mail haven't arrived there...

Please find the updated patch attached to this issue.

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On Monday, June 6th 2016 09:20:46, Andreas Schneider wrote:

Aris is currently working on that ...


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dh-gex kex was implemented and pushed to master.

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