libssh (here sftp) does not support ControlPath (like %h) defined in ssh config
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Dolphin which uses kio which uses libssh can't handle controlpaths from ssh config file like this:

Host **.exa

sftp://comp.exa << Failed to resolve

I have some really long domain names similar to
computer.subdomain.domain.topleveldomain and need to shorten it to
The .sub-Part (only a part of the subdomain) are for indentification of a
RewriteRule(don't know if this term is correct), if multiple entrys are

From ssh//config man-page:

Specify the path to the control socket used for connection shar-
ing as described in the ControlMaster section above or the string
"none" to disable connection sharing.  In the path, '%h' will be
substituted by the target host name, '%p' the port and '%r' by
the remote login username.     It is recommended that any
ControlPath used for opportunistic connection sharing include all
three of these escape sequences.  This ensures that shared con-
nections are uniquely identified.


Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Put this in your ~/.ssh/config
Host **.exa

And then enter
in dolphins adressfield

Actual Results:
Failed to resolve

Expected Results:
Connect via sftp to

OS: Linux (x86//64) release 2.6.38-8-generic (Kubuntu 11.04)
Compiler: cc

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