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SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT not used in non-blocking sockets
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I can not figure out if this is a bug or a feture (but i can not find any documentation saying that this is normal behavior), i'm trying to set a timeout value for the connect function on a non-blocking session.

i'm setting the options as:
long timeout=1;
sshoptionsset(session, SSHOPTIONSTIMEOUT, &timeout);

the timeout for the connect call becomes more like 10 seconds then 1.

In the misc.c in the function sshtimeoutelapsed() i can see that if the value timeout that is passed to that function == 0 there is no timeout, and if the socket is non blocking we are calling that function with the option SSHTIMEOUTNONBLOCKING which is defined as 0 in the include/libssh/session.h

So from what i can see, the option i sent in with sshoptionsset is never used when i use non-blocking sockets.

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This is related to this issue discussed here:

Because SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT is not used in the ssh_channel_read function, if there is a network disconnect, then it will block infinitely. I am consistently seeing this issue with network disconnects during a download for a blocking socket.

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Did you test this with libssh >= 0.8.3. Because I fixed some things.

I have tested with 0.8.4. It looks like SSH_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT is always -1 even if I set SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT.

I am actually not seeing SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT being used in many places at all. My thinking was that SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT, if set, should be used in every ssh/sftp function that takes in an optional timeout value.

I am seeing this issue with sftp_read(). The sftp_read() function call was getting hung when there was a disconnect. I traced it to ssh_channel_read() which isn't using the user defined timeout.

See for two patches that address part of this problem.