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Do ssh.dll and ssh.lib work on windows 7 operating system.
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ssh.lib and ssh.dll are working fine on windows 10 , but when I run the same .exe on windows 7, It shows the below error message. Error is due to the API function from the ssh.lib. Do I need to do any additional configuration to run the application on windows-7 with out any issue. But When I run the application after commenting those ssh API functions, it works fine. Any help please.

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Hello @Lakkan ,

Could you please specify which API you have to comment out to make it to work?

Application works fine with out invoking (any) ssh.lib functions, only it is an issue when I invoke ssh library. It works fine in windows-10 not on windows-7

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Windows 7 is EOL since January 14, 2020. I don't think it makes sense to debug an issue on a platform that is unsupported by vendor (which is more than 10 years old).