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sftp: Add check if we are authenticated
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I have an amendment request for case T139. From my point of view it would be better to move the authentication check to the function sftp_new.

With the current change rLIBSSH8a885f0bd389 it is no longer possible to create a channel in advance.

I use the libssh as SSH server and have so far initiated ssh_session_new() / ssh_channel_sew() / ssh_event_new() always on a new connection.

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What do you mean you can't create a channel in advance?

SFTP needs a channel to request the subsystem. So we should check as early as possible if we are authenticated, and that's when we create a channel.

I created all relevant structures in advance ( also the channel ) no matter if the session authenticated itself or not.
I then checked separately whether the session is authenticated.

However, it makes more sense to check the authentication when the channel is created.

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