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The connector does not distinguish between a file descriptor and a socket in a Windows environment. (read()/write())
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In the functions "ssh_connector_fd_in_cb", "ssh_connector_channel_data_cb" and "ssh_connector_fd_out_cb" the "read()" and "write()" method is used, even if it is a socket.

This works in a Unix environment, not in a Windows environment.

The basic problem is that in a Windows environment a socket is not a file descriptor ( like unix ) but a handle.

Instead of "read()"/"write()" the methods "recv()"/"send()" should be used (as already used in the "socket.c").

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Unfortunately it is not possible to use fstat() + S_ISSOCK or similar under Windows.

I have now used getsockname() and GetNamedPipeInfo() to determine if the file descriptor is a socket or a named pipe.

Then recv()/send() is used instead of read()/write().

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